Merhavim regional council- General information

Merhavim Regional council was established in 1951 in the northwestern Negev.
The regional council lies on 145,000 acres of land and includes 15 moshavim, one community village, an educational youth village and the IDF air force base, Hazerim.

In our council we have 13,000 residents. The human tapestry of Merhavim is diverse and includes the founding generation- some were born in Israel and others that immigrated to Israel from different places. Along with the second and third generation who continue the heritage of settling in the Negev, alongside new families who join our community from all over the country.

In the heart of the council stand the educational campus which includes the regional schools, the "Aleh Negev" rehabilitation center that provides a warm and welcoming home for people with special needs, "Ma'avarim"-an employment bureau for the local residents and a community center.
In Merhavim there are also two industrial parks, one in Maboim and one in Ofakim, as well as the "NAM" industrial park that is a joint venture of Merhavim regional council, Sdot Negev regional council and the city of  Netivot. The council's financial corporation and "Moshvei Hanegev Ltd", the largest agricultural company in the Middle East, are owned cooperatively by the villages in the region, are the most significant financial arms of the council.


Merhavim's villages are founded on agricultural activity. The villagers can enjoy the green and beautiful fields and meadows, with small hills and streams. The pleasant weather induces a sense of peace and calm that attracts many visitors to the area. There are many nature reserves within the council's area: Eshkol National Park, the Besor River nature reserve, the Grar River nature reserve and more.

In the past few years, new and diverse tourist attractions have sprung up in Merhavim. Bike and foot trails have been set up, guest houses, bed and breakfast, wineries, art galleries, cheese manufactures, spas and delicious home cooked meals are all offered to tourists.

In recent years the villages in our region have been under ongoing rocket attacks from the Gaza strip- The council is prepared for emergency situations and operates community projects to help deal with the threat. We have additional plans to improve the council's response during emergency situations and we are working with other partners to execute these plans.
Despite the fragile security situation, our villages enjoy demographic, financial and social growth. Road 6- Israel's main highway that cross Israel from the north to the south, and the new railroad brings the periphery much closer to the center and encourage young families to move south. The region has tremendous potential for settlement, agriculture, financial development, employment and tourism and we are working day by day to fulfill this potential.

We hope to develop the council and its residents by offering excellent services in all aspects of daily living. We wish to maintain the rural country lifestyle and strengthen the community while continually striving to improve the quality of life within our council.